#MobileChat No. 23 with Circa

When was the last time you sat down and read the traditional newspaper to catch up on news and events?  For some, maybe yesterday. For others, especially those of the digital generation, the printed newspaper as a source of information, and printed media in general, is fading rapidly. Newsweek just recently went ‘all-in’ on digital by ending their print edition permanently.
The trend toward digital and now mobile information consumption isn’t going to stop. In fact, the proverbial hockey stick growth chart will be the way forward for the digital and mobile-centric age. Circa is a company poised to capitalize on the new landscape of delivering information and news natively to mobile devices.

Here’s how Circa describes itself:

More and more people are relying on their phones as their primary source of news, yet the content is presented in ways that make it annoying to read. Rather than shoehorning existing content into a new environment, Circa is creating the first born-on-mobile news experience, delivering it in a format native to mobile devices, with an experience intuitive to mobile users. Through comprehensive yet concise news updates paired with a clean, simple mobile experience, Circa redefines how news is produced, delivered, and consumed.

#MobileChat No. 23 with Circa - Red e AppCirca is news, re-imagined.

Join in #MobileChat Wednesday January 16th at 9pm ET as we do live Q/A and chat with Matt Galligan, CEO and Co-Founder of @Circa.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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