#MobileChat No. 26 with Vsnap

The social media universe has been buzzing about a new 6 second video app called Vine. 6 seconds may be perfect for many uses but what if you’d like to send a longer video message to your friends, customers, or colleagues. Well, there’s of course an app for that. It’s called Vsnap, which is short for ‘video in a snap.’
#MobileChat No. 26 with Vsnap - Red e AppVsnap is a simple video messaging system that businesses use to make customers feel special. They make it easy to record, share and measure short video messages, which web companies use to create personal and emotional connections with their customers. These customers take action up to 41% more than email recipients, and they become super evangelical on the social web.
Jump in the video/mobile convo on #MobileChat February 6th from 9-10pm ET with @Vsnap. The social media voice behind the Vsnap brand is Trish Fontanilla. She’s an amazing community manager and will be right at home with the chatty #MobileChat tribe.

Chat more soon!

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director


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