#MobileChat No. 29 with Scott Forshay

In past editions of #MobileChat, we’ve looked at how mobile is affecting nearly every business and brand across the globe. The mobile revolution has been great for some, yet has caused many traditional businesses to quickly adapt or shut their doors. However, what about brands that have tradition and legacy at the core of their identity? Does the shift toward digital and mobile mediums help or hurt luxury brands lauded for social stature and being uniquely different by NOT following common trends?

To speak directly to these issues, we’ve asked Scott Forshay to be our next guest. Scott Forshay is an Austin, Texas-based mobile marketing and commerce strategist, specializing in the fashion industry segment for prestige and luxury brands. His expertise in devising, developing, and executing strategic mobile initiatives for numerous industry focuses on the effective utilization of the mobile medium to enhance the mobile identities of brands.

As a highly identifiable evangelist of mobile technologies published in many media outlets and featured on the industry speaker circuit, Forshay is a defining advocate of the mobile 2.0 philosophy. He champions the transformative capabilities of the mobile medium and its role in the emerging marketing (r)evolution from traditional B2C models to a C2B model, where shoppers are empowered with historically unparalleled access to brands, regardless of time, space, or location.

If you represent a “traditional” company that has been slow to adopt mobile marketing efforts or simply curious how elite brands are implementing mobile, join us Wednesday, February 27th from 9-10pm EST as we do live Q/A with Scott.

Chat more soon!
Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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