#MobileChat No. 32 with David Navetta

Mobile devices have without a doubt changed the way we live, communicate, share, live, and even work. The issue, however, that many companies, both big and small, are facing is how to make sure that the information that their employees access on mobile devices stays private and secure. Additionally, the issue becomes more complex as employees bring their own devices (BYOD) into and out of the workplace.

What is the way forward? Block all BYOD, fully embrace it, or just hope the issue goes away? These types of questions are best answered by a professional and to help us all, both employers and employees, get a firm grasp on the legal issues of technology and privacy, we’ve asked David Navetta to be our guest on the next #MobileChat.

davidnavettaDavid Navetta is one of the Founding Partners of the Information Law Group. David has practiced law for over fifteen years, including technology, privacy, information security and  intellectual property law. He is also a Certified Information Privacy Professional through the International Association of Privacy Professionals.
David has enjoyed a wide variety of legal experiences over his career that have provided him with a unique perspective and legal skill set, including work at a large international law  firm, in-house experience at a multinational financial institution, and an entrepreneurial endeavor running his own law firm.

Prior to co-founding the Information Law Group, David established InfoSecCompliance LLC (“ISC”), a law firm focusing on information technology-related law. ISC successfully  served a wide assortment of U.S. and foreign clients from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups and service providers. Mr. Navetta previously worked for over three years in New York as assistant general counsel for a major insurer’s eBusiness Risk Solutions Group. While there, David analyzed and forecasted information security, privacy and technology risks, drafted policies to cover such risks, and worked on sophisticated technology transfer transactions. David engaged in commercial litigation for several years prior to going in-house, including working at the Chicago office of Sedgwick, Detert, Moran and Arnold, a large international law firm.

David currently serves as a Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Information Security Committee, and is also Co-Chair of the PCI Legal Risk and Liability Working Group. Mr. Navetta previously served as the Chairman of the ABA’s Information Security Committee’s Information Security Contracting & Risk Management Working Group. He has spoken and written frequently concerning technology, privacy and data security legal issues.

Join us on the hashtag #MobileChat via Twitter on Wednesday, March 20th from 9-10pm ET as we do live Q/A with David and get answers to a significant legal matter facing all of us.

Chat more soon!

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