#MobileChat No. 33 with Bridget Webb

I’ve never worked in the HR department so I won’t pretend to grasp the complexity and amount of effort that it takes to execute an effective HR strategy inside of a company. I applaud those who do and have been thankful for great HR professionals in past work experiences that went above and beyond to support me and other colleagues.

In an age of rapid technological advancement and adoption though, the HR department has to be feeling the weight of additional duties and uncertainty. With the continuing trend of remote workers and acceptance of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace, how does the HR department effectively implement current labor laws? And how do those laws affect workers that don’t necessarily sit at a corporate cubicle and/or use their own personal computers and mobile devices for work-related functions?  A tangled web – Yes. Solvable – of course!

To sort out the tangled web of HR compliance in an age of remote workers and BYOD usage, we’ve asked Bridget Webb to join us for the next #MobileChat.

Bridget WebbBridget is the Director of Marketing and Recruitment Technology at WilsonHCG where she handles marketing, recruitment technology advancement and vendor management initiatives. She began her role at WilsonHCG in 2003 and in her ten years has expanded WilsonHCG’s recruiting scope throughout many sectors on a global scale. She has a B.S. in Business Management and Design from the University of Montevallo.

If you are either an employer OR employee navigating the new HR waters of BYOD in the workplace and want to be sure you are following best HR practices, join us Wednesday March 27th from 9-10pm ET as we do live Q/A with Bridget and untangle the web of HR BYOD. K?

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