#MobileChat No. 35 with Greg Hickman

We have a guest for #MobileChat that may be more talkative about mobile than I am. His name – Greg Hickman.


Greg is a frequent blogger and host of his own mobile marketing podcast and blog, Mobile Mixed. On Mobile Mixed, Greg interviews successful mobile marketers, as well as delivers video training designed to help agencies and small business owners create a mobile marketing strategy that’s customized to fit their unique needs, goals and style of doing business.

Here’s an excerpt from Mobile Mixed and the reason we wanted to have Greg as a featured guest of #MobileChat:

Mobile Mixed is more than a web show, blog, resource and community of awesome mobile marketers (which it is of course)… Mobile Mixed is a freakin’ mission. What is this mission you ask? Great question. The mission is to help you have success incorporating mobile marketing strategies to your retail business by learning from the world’s top experts.

In a nutshell: I’m here along with a plethora (yes, plethora) of awesome friends to help you freakin’ dominate mobile. DOMINATE.

What’s more, Greg recently became the mobile marketing mind for Cabela’s. That tells me that Greg is a mobile strategist that is both a thinker and real-world practitioner. Both qualities are a must in the rapidly evolving mobile marketing industry, especially if your brand or company is seeking advice from a professional.

Join us Wednesday, April 10th from 9-10pm EST as we do live Q/A via the #MobileChat hashtag on Twitter with Greg.

Chat more soon – Patrick

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