#MobileChat No. 36 with Thumble App

Mobile, Startups, and Social are on everyone’s technology buzzword bingo card.  We get it. Red e App is itself a mobile startup.

What many don’t add to the bingo card are: It’s really difficult, ‘How are we going to make money?’, and especially one that is cliche but very real and often volatile is the word pivot. Red e App last year experienced the pivot and the next guest for #MobileChat is currently walking the pivot path of many entrepreneurs – especially those in technology startups.

Thumble is rewards for your photos. Find a brand you love on Thumble, post a pic of your favorite moments, share it with your friends and get exclusive rewards.

Ricky Fung, co-founder for Thumble App recently gave this description and use case to the Financial Post:

thumbleapp founders

Thumble is basically about real life rewards for real life photos. We’re big advocates of two components — consent and compensation.

Thumble is seeking to become a mobile/social rewards app that is based on photo content that is generated by mobile users who are then compensated for giving consent to brands to utilize a Thumble user’s photos. A very interesting idea indeed. What will add even more flavor to the chat will be how Thumble App has navigated the mobile startup world and what they’ve learned along the way.

Join us Wednesday April 17th from 9-10pm EST as we chat with CamMi (Chief Digital Strategist at Thumble) and the rest of the Thumble App team.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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