#MobileChat No. 40 with John Lunn

Mobile payments are big – that’s not news to anyone – but, ‘mobile’ payments are not really so new. Cash and credit cards have lived in wallets and purses for decades. It’s just like with all things that mobile is disrupting these days, the medium this time involves more technology and raises concerns about personal security and privacy.

John LunnInstead of chatting first about the amazing stats and hockey stick growth of m-commerce (mobile commerce), I want to take a look behind the curtain and see what it takes from a development and technology perspective to create a user mobile payment experience that is seamless and frictionless for mobile consumers. And, what happens when you look behind the curtain? You find a wizard.

John Lunn is currently a Global Director at PayPal where he oversees their global developer network. His wizardry comes from his extensive knowledge and experience as a developer and platform integration innovator and specialist (and his fun Twitter bio).

If you were going to see a wizard of mobile commerce development, what would you ask him? You’ll get your chance Wednesday, May 15 from 9-10pm ET.  The ‘yellow brick road’ is called #MobileChat.

Chat more soon – Patrick

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