#MobileChat No. 42 with Kary Delaria

Over the past several months of #MobileChat, we’ve had guests help us understand the need for good website design specifically for mobile devices. From HTML5 fluid design to get sites to render well on whatever the size of the display to best practices for designing native mobile applications, the mobile / digital world is quickly changing how companies do business.

One topic we haven’t covered yet is how to keep your communication mobile-optimized.  Think about all the communication messages you continue to receive that are formatted well for mobile devices BUT the communication itself is still jammed packed with long and lengthy paragraphs of text. I know you’ve got an email in the past week or an email marketing campaign that didn’t consider the short attention span of a mobile readership.

kary delariaShort-form communication takes a new breed of communication strategy. To help us out, we’ve asked a communication strategist and pro to inform us on the new form of communication this is a MUST for mobile.

Kary Delaria is a social media pro with over a decade of professional communication experience. Her LinkedIn bio speaks volumes for her adept ability for helping brands and industries speak well in a digital world.

No doubt about it, I love social technologies. I’m intrigued by digital ethnography – why and how people communicate online and how brands can adapt to connect with their customers on social platforms. I ask why and enjoy wading through the data for relevant information that will inform marketing and communications strategy.

From my background in traditional public relations I’ve adapted my skills and applied my knowledge to developing strategies for online reputation management, community engagement, and content marketing; identifying the tactics to drive long-term success.

Join in the short-form communication world of Twitter on Wednesday, May 29th from 9-10pm ET as we do live Q/A with KaryD. #MobileChat will definitely be short AND sweet.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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