#MobileChat No. 44 with Shane Gliser

Building any kind of software application is like building a house.  A mobile app is no different.

What does it take to build a house? A design layout, schematics, a contractor, construction specialists, electricians, plumbers – and that’s just to complete the house. More professionals are needed like interior designers and painters to make the house visually appealing.

shane gliser

To understand the breadth of experience and knowledge of our next guest for #MobileChat, let’s apply the analogy of building a house. Shane Gliser is a designer, contractor, construction specialist, electrician, and plumber all rolled into one. He doesn’t build houses though. He builds software and apps – and is focused on the rapidly expanding frontier of mobile apps.  And he’s done it long enough to even author a book about how to build one particular style of house, I mean, mobile app with JQuery Mobile.

If you are thinking about building an app or want to remodel an existing one, join us on Wednesday June 12th from 9-10pm ET as we chat live with Shane about his new book and what it really takes to create an app that you’re proud of and want to invite your friends over to see it.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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