#MobileChat No. 45 with Ben Reubenstein

The mobile world has seen lots of updates and changes the past two months. Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC events brought developers together from around the globe to get a first hand look at what is new for each development ecosystem.  All the main tech blogs have already detailed the general pros and cons of the direction Google and Apple are heading – especially as it relates to mobile.

What I want to know is this: So how do the new UI/UX developments affect mobile developers tasked with providing mobile applications for brands and companies? Concerning Apple’s new flat design in iOS 7, simply swapping out a shiny app icon with a flat one without updating the rest of the app would be the equivalent of  putting a brand new front door on a 15 year old house and saying that the house is newly remodeled and updated.  You can hope that house sells well but once a buyer enters through the front door, she knows there’s really nothing new at all.

To get real advice about how both mobile app ecosystems are changing and how developers can best utilize them for updating or creating new applications, we’ve asked Ben Reubenstein, CEO of Double Encore, to be the guest of the next #MobileChat.

Ben Reubenstein

Ben Reubenstein joined Double Encore in March of 2013 through a merger of his professional services company, Xcellent Creations, Inc. Currently serving as CEO, Ben brings years of experience in mobile development, starting with one of the first 300 apps in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. As CEO of Double Encore, Ben leads an elite team of mobile-centric professionals to delight customers. Ben’s experience as a systems architect allows him to work with customers to deliver solutions that balance technology and business objectives. Prior to his role at Double Encore, Ben worked on a real estate startup developing a lead-generation system, and was CTO of The Visitor Center, an online travel company.

Ben is not only a cross-platform mobile developer, but he also attended both Google and Apple events this year. Getting a tour of the new mobile ‘house’ that Google and Apple are building is best given by someone who knows the layout well.  So, if you are a pro in the mobile development industry or just a fan of all things mobile, join us Wednesday June 19th from 9-10pm ET as we’ll do live Q/A with Ben.

Chat more soon – Patrick

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