#MobileChat No. 46 with Runtastic

Runtastic TeamWe’ve had lots of great guests on previous chats but not one that I’ve actually used the mobile product nearly 3-5 times per week for almost a year. That’s why I’m really excited that the Runtastic team eagerly accepted the offer for a guest spot.

Almost a year ago I had to have a physical done for insurance purposes. One of the dreaded parts was having to step on the weight scale. It would be an understatement to say how shocked I was at the results. I knew I had put on a few pounds, but I didn’t think it was a THAT bad. Something had to change. My health and wellness depended on it. My work longevity depended on it. And most important my family having me around for a long time depended on it.

Runtastic-PatrickI had to get moving and make significantly better health and lifestyle choices but I also knew that just deciding to get fit without continued motivation was always tough for me. I also was aware of trends around the ‘quantified-self’ movement. Surely I could find an app for that. … I did. … It’s called Runtastic.

I’ve been using Runtastic since last summer and the screenshot shows my overall results for miles, calories, and more. I still have a ways to go to reach my weight goals, but I really like seeing how far I’ve come.

On Wednesday, June 26th from 9-10pm ET we’ll be chatting live with the social team @Runtastic from various parts of the globe. Some are in Austria. Some are in various parts of the USA. We’ll chat about how they are helping to monitor, measure, and motivate their fans to make sports funtastic.

Whether you’re just about to get serious about exercise like I was last summer or if you’re already a pro with quantifying your exercise habits, join us on Twitter via #MobileChat. My hope is that the conversation will lead you to inspired motivation.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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