#MobileChat No. 49 with Brian S. Hall

[UPDATE: View the Brian S. Hall Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

Brian S HallTo help us grasp just how fast and pervasive the mobile revolution is occurring, we’ve asked Brian S Hall of ReadWrite to be the July 24th guest of #MobileChat.

From IDC’s June Mobile Phone Tracker Forecast: “Smartphones have become increasingly common in emerging markets and it is often the first affordable means of computing for these markets. These are markets where average personal income is far less than in developed markets, and therefore vendors have been forced to create smartphone computing experiences for the low end of the market.”

The above quote is why mobile is and will become the revolutionary technology of the 21st century. What the printing press meant to the Renaissance and Enlightenment, mobile devices represent to the global audience that is becoming more connected and thus, inter-connected. Interestingly, the desire to quickly spread information to a mass audience hasn’t changed – it’s just the medium that’s different.

Brian writes extensively about what he terms the “Smart Social Mobile Web.”  The new mobile world order isn’t just about texting apps and which mobile technology company or carrier will have the greatest global market share. It’s more about how an inter-connected global population has access to the same current information, how businesses and markets are being upended (and being created), and how relationships are initiated and sustained.

Think about it. How large is your local / physical network? How large and how far reaching is your “Smart Social Mobile Web” network?

Join us on Wednesday ,July 24th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter as we’ll do live Q/A with Brian and explore just how deep the global mobile rabbit hole goes.

Chat more soon – Patrick

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