#MobileChat No. 50 with Expensify

[UPDATE: View the Expensify Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

Death and taxes are the two unavoidable things in life they say. I think every business traveler would add one more to the list . . . the dreaded monthly expense report.

Buy tickets. Travel to airport. Rent car upon arrival. Eat at too many restaurants and cafes. Travel home. Pay airport parking fee. Rinse and repeat. What started out as a promise to really stay on top of the expense report this month turns into an end of the month mountain of receipts that just – let’s be honest – sucks!

There has to be a better way to do expense reports, right? Well, our next guest of #MobileChat, Expensify  has a much simpler mobile solution to the expense report than having to fight with Excel at the end of every month. What exactly is Expensify?

ExpensifyExpensify does “expense reports that don’t suck!” Users import expenses and receipts from their smartphones, 98% of US banks and credit cards, plus a wide array of international banks. Expensify’s SmartScan technology will read receipts and automatically create expenses for them, or match them to expenses imported from a credit card.

Create and submit your entire expense report online or from your smartphone to quickly get reimbursed directly to your checking account. Seamless QuickBooks integration, rich mobile apps to log expenses on the go, and integrated direct deposit make Expensify the clear choice for business expense reporting. Expensify is the largest SMB expense reporting service, used by over 200K companies and 1.4M users, processing over $2M in expense reports every day.

The live Q/A with Expensify gets underway Wednesday, July 31st from 9-10pm ET. Since that will also be the last day of the month, you’re already thinking about your expense report anyway. Join us via hashtag #MobileChat on Twitter and learn about Expensify reports that don’t suck.

Chat more soon – Patrick

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