#MobileChat No. 6 with Danielle Hatfield

danielle-avatarI must admit, I never thought the the word ‘zombie’ would cause such interest during #MobileChat. It did and was one of the most discussed topics pre and during #MobileChat with Dan Burcaw. If you missed it and are dying to know what a ‘zombie app’ is, here’s the recap of the Q/A via Storify.

Our next guest, and our first lady to be a guest on #MobileChat, is Danielle Hatfield. Yes, she’s one of them Hatfields. You can find her on Twitter @dhatfield. Careful though, she’s a gal that likes to speak her mind. With over 45k tweets, I think she’s going to fit in just nicely with the chatty #MobileChat tribe.

If you have a question about doing Social Local Mobile, well, she’s the gal to ask. We’ll start live Q/A at 9pm ET on Wednesday, September 5th.

Chat more soon!

Patrick Goodman
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