#MobileChat No. 72 with Jennifer Kane

[UPDATE: View the Jennifer Kane Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

I’m often asked where I find guests for #MobileChat and what makes a good topic of discussion during a tweet chat. Well, the next guest AND topic came straight out of a previous Twitter conversation.

The discussion was how to distinguish between content marketing and storytelling – and why that matters for mobile. I have a vague idea but as we’ve learned since the inception of #MobileChat (August 2012), there are a LOT of smart people in the mobile space.

Jennifer Kane (Twitter) is more than just a bunch of typical biz speak when describing her various roles and jobs. She brings a sane and candid human voice that is really needed right now in the social media and mobile marketing space.

For example, below is the actually convo thread she and I had on Twitter in December last year.

Mobile Content Creation Conversation

Interesting, right? One thing about our tweet chat that I’ve always loved is having really smart guests who are experts in their field, have depth of experience to speak frankly about what is going on in the industry, and really want to help businesses and brands excel at their marketing and communication endeavors. And Jennifer fits the bill.

Join us Wednesday, January 22nd from 9-10pm EST via #MobileChat on Twitter as we get a big dose of the fairly sassy and passionately curious Jennifer Kane and learn why storytelling is more than just content marketing.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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