#MobileChat No. 75 with Ben Bajarin

[UPDATE: View the Ben Bajarin Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

It would seem that every morning my news feed is filled with announcements of a mobile tech company acquisition, another wearables product, or how a wireless carrier changed their pricing model to attract more customers. It’s a lot to take in and assimilate.

Ben BajarinEven more difficult a task is to analyze and predict why some small metric could potentially be the first cracks in a previously impenetrable industry leader’s armor. To help us think through the continuing revolution that mobile is causing global, we’ve asked Ben Bajarin to guest on the #MobileChat.

Ben is a Principal at Creative Strategies – focusing on consumer technology and providing analysis and strategy for their clients. Additionally, he often speaks at tech conferences, is an opinion columnist for Tech.Pinions, and is co-host of the weekly podcast, Cubed.

In other words, Ben is a guy who lives and breathes the tech and mobile space, which makes him perfect for the #MobileChat tribe. Join us Wednesday, February 12th from 9-10pm EST as we chat live with Ben about “what’s next” in tech and why emerging markets are the key for the next billion mobile users.

Chat more soon – Patrick

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