#MobileChat No. 94 with Kik

[UPDATE: View the Kik Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

There are what I would call “sometimes” apps and then there are “everyday” apps.

“Sometimes” apps are those you use maybe a few times a week or month. For me, that would be my fitness app to track weekly exercise, a few banking and payment apps, and airline specific apps for travel.

“Everyday” apps are the ones you have in your dock on your smartphone and more often than not are used multiple times a day. For me, those would be the apps I have for email, calendar, and most definitely various mobile messaging apps.

Kik, the next guest of #MobileChat, is without a doubt an “everyday” app for more than 100 million people.  And those people send and receive millions of messages, videos, links, and now phone calls every single day.


So, how does a company go from a beta version which was released in April 2010 to creating a platform that can now handle millions of data points every day? What challenges has the Kik development team faced as they have had to add hundreds of app feature requests while at the same time scaling their infrastructure to handle tens of millions of “Kiks” everyday?

Those are just some of the questions I plan to ask the Kik Developers team on Wednesday, July 2nd from 9-10pm ET on #MobileChat. Are you a fan of Kik? If so, join us!

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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