More than just a mobile app

Red e App is often referred to as a mobile app company. Sure, we have a fantastic mobile app, and the product is a key element in our success, but we are hardly in a category with Angry Birds and Instagram.

At Red e App, our mission is to transform company culture by facilitating conversations and engaging all employees, particularly non-desk / field-based workers. This is not a simple task that can be accomplished by having your employees simply download an app.

That’s why “engagement” is one of our favorite words. We know that the success of technology is much more than a technical challenge – it’s a cultural and communication challenge. Our engagement team follows a clear onboarding process to ensure customer success as you endeavor to improve employee communications.

 Red e App Onboarding Methodology

We strive to learn as much as we can about your organization. We want to understand your company culture, structure, and current methods of communication, as well as your immediate need for better mobile communication. All of this information helps us make well-informed decisions and appropriate recommendations as we begin the Red e App onboarding process.

Network Setup
After learning about your organization, we begin setting up your network. At this phase, we create your organization’s network with appropriate files, content, and branding elements. We coordinate any necessary system integrations and take steps to ensure efficiency in communications.

Your network is set up and you are ready to start connecting with your employees. Based on the number of employees you have and the structure of your organization, we help you plan a strategy for effective tech adoption. At this stage, we provide training for administrators, group leaders, and anyone else using the app to drive organizational communication.

Support & Manage
A successful launch is only the beginning of your success with Red e App, and that’s why the support and manage phase is critical to our engagement effort. After rollout, we continue to provide a high level of technical support. Additionally, we share monthly analytics and quarterly reviews to identify patterns of success as well as opportunities for improvement in your organization.

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Client Development

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

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