Non-Desk Matters: Internal comms and HR insights

As we say goodbye to the dog days of summer, we’re entering fall with a fresh new approach and look to our traditional newsletter: Introducing Non-Desk Matters — a monthly email carefully curated to showcase each month’s news, developments, and insights within the world of employee communications, HR, and more.

Hopefully you find each link as helpful as we have! Below are the contents of our September edition.

The 12 Traits that Define Managers vs. Leaders

Managers and leaders aren’t one in the same, nor are they mutually exclusive. However, there are key traits that certainly differentiate managers and leaders… which one do you want to be?

Messages Should Come From a Manager, Not Corporate

Do you want your company messages to non-desk employees to resonate with them, or, simply ensure they’re read? Learn why a message from a manager will perform better with employees.

Don’t Fear Change. Embrace It. We Can Only Go Forward.

An iPhone with no headphone jack? Say it ain’t so! Some say innovative, others say annoying. See how embracing change can be advantageous to your business.

Why Sitting Is Killing You

If you’re a desktop worker then sitting is now an occupational hazard. Learn more about why sitting is so bad for you and how can you combat it.

Thank Your Employees Like You Mean It in 3 Simple Steps

Managers often think they don’t have to thank employees because they’re paying them. Yet, thanking employees properly results in increased happiness and productivity.

Oh, and you may be wondering why we chose the name “Non-Desk Matters” for our monthly message to you. Simply put, the non-desk worker is an often overlooked and misunderstood part of our workforce. Aside from literally mattering to the tune of 2.1 billion employees worldwide, we also hope to shed light on this unique workforce and how you can better engage them.

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