Non-Desk Matters: Summer shutdowns and seasonal staffing

NDM Summer

Non-Desk Matters is Red e App’s monthly email carefully curated to showcase news, developments, and insights within the world of employee communications, HR, and more.

Our June edition has a focus on summer shutdowns, summer jobs, and summer hiring.



While some folks are searching for shade and SPF, factory managers are preparing for scheduled summer shut downs, shift supervisors are struggling with a sea of vacation requests, and the bulk of non-desk industries are prepping for seasonal hiring.

Implementing the right strategy now can position your company for seasonal growth and summertime efficiencies that would make your air conditioner jealous. After all, the only sweating you do this summer should be related to the temperature outside, not induced by employees!

Learn how to prepare your company for seasonal hiring and everything else affecting your employees in the summer months:

Summer Shutdowns: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Many factories will face multiple weeks of summer shutdowns, your company and your non-desk employees need to be prepared for any extended downtime.

McDonald’s to Hire 250,000 Employees This Summer… Using Snapchat?

McDonald’s summer workforce is larger than most – half of which are between the ages of 16-24 – now they’ve turned to Snapchat for fielding job applications from their young workforce.

Don’t Sweat Your Summer Hiring

The summer workforce grew by 12% last year. Follow these four key tips so your company can benefit from this blossoming workforce.

#MyWorstSummerJob: Think You Had it Bad? Think Again.

We’ve all had that one job that was the absolute worst… or so we thought. Some of these summer jobs redefine the very definition of “worst”.

Teenagers Have Stopped Getting Summer Jobs — Why?

Using Snapchat is one tactic to attract teenage hires, but are teenagers these days being lazy or strategic about their summer jobs?


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