Non-Desk Matters: #TEAMworks Recap & Retail Therapy

TEAMworks Recap & Retail Therapy

2017 is a wrap, and we spent December reflecting on our #TEAMworks series. While you look back at what you have learned these past 12 months, we hope you are setting goals for building an effective team in the new year. Here’s a quick recap of our #TEAMworks series to jog your memory and help with planning:

#TEAMworks: Talk, Equip, Acknowledge, Measure

Talk – #TEAMworks begins with conversations (‘talk with’) vs commands (‘tell to’). Talking with employees leads to better engagement and retention.

Equip – #TEAMworks is the way to equip your team to win in a competitive business marketplace. The right equipment gives you the ABILITY to do your job and PROVES if you’re good at it.

Acknowledge – #TEAMworks is a philosophy that great teams deserve trophies. Recognize and reward the great work that is being accomplished.

Measure – #TEAMworks is not afraid to be measured to achieve peak performance. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Finally, as the end of the year is a season filled with holiday parties, gift exchanges, and shopping madness, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the retail space from the perspective of a non-desk workforce. If you’ve ever worked in retail, these articles will be therapeutic for you. If not, you’ll benefit from gaining insight into some of the most challenging non-desk jobs during the holiday season.

NDM Interview Series | James Kraus, GAP Operations Manager

A talk with the manager of a GAP about whether retail is dying and the misperceptions associated with the retail world.

Black Friday Horror Stories

10 retail workers share their Black Friday horror stories. Number 6 is crazy.

9-5 Workers vs Shift Workers

Video: A humorous take on how non-desk and office workers talk about their weekends and work schedule.

10 Tips for Better Teamwork

Teams that get these factors right experience success.

3 Important HR Trends for 2018

Digital, employee experience, workforce analytics – just a few things to watch for in 2018.


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