The cost of poor communication, simple gestures to thank employees, and HR technology trends in 2016

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The cost of poor communication

Companies lose $31.5 billion per year from employees failing to share knowledge effectively. Read more on encouraging employees to share information from Harvard Business Review.

Poor communication eventually leads to high turnover. The Next Web has written a great article here on why communication has become the no. 1 reason people quit. 

Communication is the root of disengagement, and disengaged employees weakens morale and diminishes revenue. Maximize the return on the investments you have made in your employees.

Articles: Some of the best things we read this month

Want a quick internal communications fix with no commitment? Check out some of these articles that we hand picked for you.

Technology Device Ownership in 2015 – Nearing saturation, 85% of US adults now own smart phones.

How Provocative Dare You Be – Can you make a company better by making things worse?

How Do You Say ‘Thank You’ to Employees? – With rubber chickens!? Or try one of a dozen other ways

And last but not least, Red e App news:

Louisville non-profit Family Scholar House presented Red e App with their corporate Lucy Award, which recognizes community leaders with a commitment to gender equity and post-secondary education.

Wondering what Human Resources Technology trends to watch for in 2016? You’re in luck. Red e App product manager Brad Engel participated in a HR Tech Webinar discussing just that.

Listen to the replay of the webinar

See the webinar slides here

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Technology enables real change

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