Podcast: Employee communication trends and challenges with Shel Holtz

Internal CommunicationsShel Holtz interviewed Red e App’s Jonathan Erwin about employee communication trends and challenges in 2015 on his podcast For Immediate Release. As you can imagine, with a thought leader like Shel and a CEO like Jonathan, their conversation was insightful and spirited.

Topics stemmed from Red e App’s Internal Communications 2015 report, and Shel included questions like “is internal comms dead?” and “what isn’t working when it comes to companies communicating with their employees?” (Spoiler: Internal comms is not dead.)

“It is important to have a discreet channel to the people that are most important to you, your employees. We know traditionally that ROI comes from customers and revenue, but lets look at the people who are closest to us that we see every day, that directly interact with our customers, that make the sacrifices, and respect them by connecting them to our visions.” – Jonathan Erwin

“I have found in my work that mobile is increasingly appealing to people on the front line who are using their own devices, often in direct but willful violation of company policy, to improve their own efficiency. They already do this in all of the other aspects of their lives, and they are just applying these sensibilities to work.” Shel Holtz

For more of their conversation, follow this link to listen to the For Immediate Release podcast.

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