Press Release: Red e App, a new Mobile Application Platform, Launches to Provide Mobile Customer Engagement and Conversion

Service Messaging Application Allows Businesses to Extend the Brand to Their Mobile Consumers
Leading to Sales and Loyalty

(Louisville, KY)—Feb. 23, 2012— Red e App, a new mobile application platform, launched its beta program for all types of businesses officially this week. The platform allows businesses to rapidly develop mobile applications, in less than 30 minutes, that offer secure social service messaging and notifications. Red e App is now available in the iPhone App store for the pool of consumers in hyperlocal communities. Businesses can direct their target audiences to view their application in the markets they serve.

The mobile platform is available to any business, big or small, saving time and money on messaging that is usually spent on ads, emarketing, or direct mail. It can plug into the business’s key components of a website and its social media, offer up location information, and store hours, and handle promotions for seasonal items or community involvement projects.  It can also allow for small group messaging, as well as customer feedback to operations and to other customers.

“I saw a need in the mobile marketplace for companies to be able to have a voice in their neighborhood that could be deployed quickly and tied to other multi-channel marketing already underway, like point-of-sale and emarketing. This new mobile communications platform guarantees engagement and prioritizes messaging and content on the mobile device for consumers, members, employees and affiliates alike,” said Jonathan Erwin, CEO and founder, Red e App.

With Red e App, businesses can have a persistent content presence and a direct communication channel to existing and potential consumers with broad exposure to all Red e App users in their selected market area. “Businesses can and will use this new mobile platform to have consumers check deliveries, book appointments, receive valued information, like discounts and promotions, as well as news of interest, inventory, navigation to maps, directories, schedules or just direct links to the web or other social media properties,” Erwin explained.

“Email and text are great communication tools that serve specific purposes for customer communication. However, it is our position that with the amount of email individuals are receiving on a daily basis, it is difficult to manage and filter through the clutter for the items that really matter. While texting is growing in popularity among businesses, we believe texting will become just as spam-ridden as email has become and extremely intrusive. Red e App provides businesses with the engaging experience customers are seeking for the services important to the customer and on the customers’ terms,” said Red e App’s first customer, Jim Ferrell of Fat Jimmy’s pizza franchise in Louisville, Ky. Three locations have added a Red e App presence in this first week.

Red e App is a hosted service where business customers login to a web-based portal and easily create their Red e App profile and content for display in the mobile application. The business’s participation in Red e App will drive brand, products and valuable service messaging using Red e Notifications sent to the business’s consumers. The Red e App platform allows for extensive entitlement, roles, and permissions for large organizations and allows them to create private or public communication networks.

The FREE Red e App consumer mobile application, first available on the iPhone, and soon on the Android OS, can be downloaded with several short clicks and a quick sign-up process. Red e App elevates the consumer’s degree of privacy and keeps all business service notifications from all of their favorite stores and institutions inside one application interface. “The consumer can navigate valued updates from favorite vendors, without the hassle of managing information, like in email. By seeing only the notifications inside the application that interest the consumer, the flow of information is maintained as an open dialogue. There is no advertising in Red e App,” Erwin said.

With Red e App, the consumer gets privacy and control, something long coming in B2C communication. The customer selects the participating Red e App businesses they care about and want to hear from. This could be the customer’s favorite retailers, healthcare clinics, salons or clubs. It may even be their internal workgroup by adding the friends and colleagues they wish to communicate and share information with. And, most importantly, the consumer does not have to provide their personal contact information such as email address or mobile number to any of these categories of businesses or friends.

Businesses interested in having a mobile app presence in under a half an hour can sign-up for Red e App at  “RedeApp” is currently available for free consumer download on the iPhone. The Android app is expected to be available by the end of February. Stay tuned to the Red e Blog and Facebook page for product announcements.

About Red E App
Red e App is a mobile application platform for businesses simplifying service messaging, and engagement to user communities while providing consumers choice, control, and privacy on the mobile device. Red e App was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Erwin, after more than 20 years building and growing technology and cloud infrastructure startups. Verticals utilizing Red e App include: Retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and restaurants. Learn more at

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