How to prevent failed employee surveys + trends in smartphone stats

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Do you conduct employee surveys?

Surveys are a great way to gauge employee engagement and what you can do to improve it, but they can have negative effects if they aren’t done with a purpose and a plan. How can you prevent failure?

#1) Communication is a key component to the success of your employee engagement survey. At minimum, communicate during the three phases below:

  • Before: Make sure your employees know what the survey is about and what it will be used for.
  • During: Continually promote the survey while it’s open to maximize employee participation.
  • After: Communicate the results on a team level and lay out a detailed plan for action.

7 Reasons Employee Surveys Fail (And How to Prevent it)

Job Satisfaction Hits a 10-Year High

But it’s still below 50%. “The elements with the strongest correlation to overall satisfaction include growth potential, internal communication, recognition, performance reviews and wages”

Read the article from the Wall Street Journal

Mobile-friendly recruiting

Don’t miss out on recruits that could be a great fit because you don’t have a mobile-friendly search and application process. 69% of 18-29-year-olds are using a smartphone to search for information about a job.

3 steps to make sure your recruiting experience is mobile-friendly.

US smartphone user penetration

Next year, 91.6% of working adults (18-64) will be communicating, managing tasks and banking via a smartphone. That will be 97%+ by 2020.

Mobile is king, all other channels are squires

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