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At our core, we are real-time messaging. We provide our customers a means to instantly communicate with their employees. And in most cases, Red e App is the employers first and only digital means of communication with non-desk employees.

While Red e App does provide in-depth analytics and robust list management, the messaging is most important to employees – it’s to know whether to come in to work during inclement weather, it’s asking a co-worker to cover a shift while he/she takes a sick child to the doctor, and it’s appreciation directly from a leader.

Several areas of the US have experienced harsh weather this season. Our manufacturing customers in the South, Midwest and Northeast have been using Red e App to inform employees of plant closings and delays. Here are a few sample messages the companies have sent to their employees …

Real-time messaging during inclement weather

Real-time messaging for manufacturing employees

Real-time messaging is an expectation employees are shifting towards. As consumers, information is available at their fingertips via their smartphones and tablets. Why shouldn’t they expect the same from their employer?

Pushing messages and content to employees is much more convenient and respectful of their time rather than using a “pull” method of communication, such as requiring employees to call a number for weather alerts, read a poster, or sending via postal mail.

Also, by using a private messaging tool, you can provide more context than you can in a public forum, and employees have the ability to reply privately. For example, check out the daylight savings time reminders two of our clients sent to their employees …

Private internal messaging

Private internal messaging

We’re thrilled to see that our clients are averaging 70% read rates with their timely messages to employees. The engagement and responses emphasize the employees’ desire for real-time communication.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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