Red e App 2.0 Further Improves Employee Communication and Engagement

Red e App Press Release:

Red e App is launching a new brand and app updates in line with the flat design revolution. Enhancements include secure file sharing, intuitive navigation, personalization and private directory services. There has been a shift in mobile technology to a more flat and minimal design in both physical devices and their interfaces as well. Red e App 2.0 fits seamlessly into this growing standard.

The distinct design is sleeker, more elegant, and optimized for the next generation of faster than ever mobile devices. Red e App’s brand emphasizes the name of the app as companies and employees are “ready;” ready to be better engaged, ready to be more efficient, and ready to experience a genuine connection with each other. Hourly employees wish to be just as connected as their desk-bound peers who have generous access to corporate resources such as training, operating procedures, and human resources.

“Red e App 2.0 is a mobile-first avenue to reach all employees, not just those sitting at desks with access to corporate email, SharePoint and Intranet content,” said Jonathan Erwin, Red e App CEO and Founder. “Cross-functional operational teams can now share corporate messaging, information, and documents with hourly and mobile employees on their smart devices. In doing so, we can serve customers across many industries such as Hosparus (healthcare), ProPark (parking services), Quality Independent Physicians (healthcare), and Family Scholar House (non-profit association) – all are recent additions to the Red e App platform.”

HosparusRed e App continues to be the only private and secure mobile communications platform delivered in an easy-to-use SaaS infrastructure. Organizations can share messaging, content and files with their employees without the need to authenticate based on a corporate email domain.

“Red e App allows Hosparus to reduce traditional IT cost and complexity while putting critical and HIPAA-compliant information immediately in the hands of our Hospice Care Givers,” said David Benefiel, Hosparus CIO. “The end result is productivity and efficiency that we have not been able to achieve prior to using Red e App.”

Red e App 2.0One of the most exciting Red e App 2.0 features is a private directory service. Based on a private network’s preference, users can search for other members of the private network, see their profile, and send them a Red e message. This is an important feature because not having a company email address shouldn’t keep an employee from securely and privately connecting with their colleagues.

The new left side navigation makes it easier to browse Red e App functions such as messages, contacts, groups and networks, and aligns it with other popular apps that mobile users are accustomed to navigating.

Users of the updated app will have access to enhanced individual profiles to personalize their profiles with a header image, title, location, web links, and biographical information; as well as upgraded Network Profiles.

Red e App solves a major pain point for companies seeking a stronger connection with hourly/non-desk employees. Companies realize that their traditional means of communication are lacking engagement and consistency, and they have an opportunity with mobile to have immediate access to workers. With Red e App, they can send targeted messages to employees and provide employees access to corporate content and files on their mobile device – such as employee manuals, operating procedures, benefits enrollment and more.

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

Companies using Red e App create meaningful connection with their entire workforce, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, improving employee retention, and driving profitability. Start a Free trial to see what it can do for you.

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