Red e App Announces Integration with Enterprise HRMS and Payroll Systems at Gartner Summit

Gartner PCCRed e App now integrates with the most popular Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and payroll systems, including Active Directory and Oracle PeopleSoft. The announcement was made at the Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit 2014, where Red e App is exhibiting at Booth K1.

The integration utilizes existing enterprise systems to automatically populate employee information into Red e App authentication files and group management lists. In large enterprises where employee turnover is a daily issue, this new integration saves time and ensures that communication groups remain up-to-date.

As the first mobile communication system designed specifically for non-desk workers, Red e App provides a direct line of communication between employees and internal communicators, operations-based leadership and HR specialists. The system provides employers with the ability to communicate with a disconnected audience, non-desk working employees, and measure engagement rates. By integrating with HRMS and payroll systems, Red e App significantly reduces the administrative burden of managing employee data.

The Red e App authentication list is automatically updated to reflect new hires and terminations. If an employee is terminated, their access to the company’s Red e App network and messaging is automatically wiped from the employee’s device. This makes it much easier to manage groups and varying levels of access to the company’s messaging and documents in Red e App.

“In large enterprises with regular turnover, managing access to communications is a matter of data security and operational efficiency,” said Jonathan Erwin, CEO of Red e App. “We’ve now made it much easier for administrators to ensure that the right people are receiving the right message no matter how many employees join or leave the organization within a short window of time.”

Red e App’s group management list is also automatically updated with personnel changes via the integration. The group management list populates messaging groups such as “all employees located in building 100”, “all employees reporting to Jane Smith” or “all employees willing to work overtime.” Changes to an employee’s job title, location, shift, or manager will be reflected in the Red e App administrator portal and the messaging lists.

Red e App clients in healthcare and manufacturing have already tested the integration with Active Directory and Oracle Peoplesoft. In both cases, the integration has protected access to their private networks, made it simple to import groups from their databases and has allowed them to push fields from their databases to Red e App.

“HR and IT departments at large enterprises only want to deal with updating one system—preferably the one they have been using for years,” added Erwin. “Once we establish the integration and automate the feed with their HRMS, the HR specialist only needs to update one system in order to have the changes reflected in Red e App. From there, the internal communications teams can feel confident that their documents and messages are being accessed and received by the correct audience.”

Access the full press release.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director 

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