We’re honored to be named a Best Place to Work

Business First of Louisville honored Louisville’s best employers and Red e App was one of them!

Best Places to Work

The honorees were determined based on an employee survey. These businesses take the extra steps to make their employees lives better and that is why they are Louisville’s best places to work.

At Red e App we strive to help other companies engage with their employees, create better work environments, and increase efficiency in their companies. All along we’ve been practicing what we preach and it has paid off. We have a great team that cares about our company and we couldn’t be happier!

Here are some ways that set us apart from other businesses . . .

Red e Champs

We believe strongly in recognizing our employees for their hard work. Every month at our staff meeting an employee is recognized for their work. This isn’t the the typical employee of the month though. This employee goes above and beyond to help the company.

From our development team creating new tools to help their colleagues do their job better and more efficiently. To support answering calls when they are away from the office because of personal reasons, our employees go the extra mile. Thanks team!

Working from home

We know things come up. They may need to work from home because of a snow storm or to focus on a deadline. At Red e App we recognize that. It creates a stress free environment and allows for more productivity.

Ping Pong

Yes, we have a ping pong table. We wouldn’t be a startup without one! Our employees love to take breaks and play a game or two. Not only does it help build friendships, it helps keep our minds in the right place. We would go crazy looking at a screen all day 🙂


We promote a healthy lifestyle. From group runs to company yoga, we try to stay fit. We have even had a few fitness and eating challenges. Some employees have been inspired to  be mindful of what they put in their body and to exercise daily!

These are just a few things that set us apart. We want to thank our employees and Louisville Business First for showing us some love. We promise we will continue to give back!

If you are interested in joining our team let us know!

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