Family Scholar House utilizes Red e App to communicate in real-time to program participants

Family Scholar HouseFamily Scholar House (FSH) is a nonprofit organization in Louisville, Kentucky that helps single parents move from poverty to self-sufficiency. Its mission is to end the cycle of poverty by providing single parents the support they need to earn a four-year college degree in the form of housing and tutoring. Approximately 200 families live in-residence at one of FSH’s four housing facilities, and over 900 families are in FSH’s non-residential program.

Family Scholar House needed a way to communicate with these families and their staff to keep this life changing program running smoothly. They decided to use Red e App to communicate with participants and staff across their six locations in Kentucky.

Check out the case study to find out why Family Scholar House needed Red e App, and how they are using it. Here is one of the ways FSH informs their participants of scholarships to a targeted audience:

“Our academic advocates love using the application to notify participants of scholarship opportunities and deadlines. At times we receive information that needs to go out quickly and the application allows for a group to be quickly formed and information sent out to only the individuals that need it. For example, there is a scholarship opportunity for criminal justice majors who qualify as sophomores in good standing. Red e App allows the academic advocate to quickly create a group meeting the specific requirements and share the information with them.”

Family Scholar House is a great organization and it is a pleasure to work with them. For more use cases, read here.

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