Red e App CEO Jonathan Erwin wants your vote for Secretary of Labor


In an unprecedented attempt to save the U.S. economy, Red e App is proud to offer our CEO, Jonathan Erwin, as a candidate for United States Secretary of Labor. Our campaign to have him “elected” launched today with a special election page at Visit to learn more about the campaign and sign up for updates!

The tongue-in-cheek effort centers around the single campaign platform to undisenfranchise U.S. front-line, hourly and non-desk workers. It is their disconnection from company communications that leads to astonishing low levels of productivity and profits. These employees often don’t even have company email addresses. By plugging them back into the company’s communications flow, businesses and the economy function properly again.

We hope companies everywhere will join us in undisenfranchising their employees. We’ll be sending campaign updates and tid-bits using the #undisenfranchise hashtag.

Campaign platforms you need to be aware of:

  • Over 63 percent of the nation’s workforce is hourly
  • Companies with engaged workforces are 240 percent more productive than those without
  • You cannot actually run for, or be elected to the post of U.S. Secretary of Labor
  • “Undisenfranchise” is not a word
  • Jonathan Erwin is not an undocumented illegal immigrant
  • The family depicted in one campaign poster was borrowed to show just how disconnected corporate families can be
  • If he is not elected Secretary of Labor, Jonathan Erwin will not run for Governor of any state

The not-so-serious Erwin campaign centers around the very serious perspective that previous technology attempts to fix workflow and process problems have focused on certain end results, but not the fundamental issue: employee communication and engagement. Mobile proliferation has unlocked unprecedented value to companies that recognize the status quo of communications is no longer viable in today’s business environment.

Communicating with front-line, hourly and non-desk workers enhances morale, connects employees to the mission and vision of the company, drives benefits participation, compliance, recognition, training and scheduling. Not to mention, it sometimes results in better holiday gift exchange loot.

“We’ve seen it with our current client base which has the potential to undisenfranchise more than 50,000 employee users, and is now currently communicating with more than 10,000 active users,” Erwin said. “We can make a major dent in the inefficiencies of companies by ensuring all employees are included, not excluded, from the very connection that makes them feel valued, respected and important.”

What better way to do that than to have Erwin simply take over as Labor czar of the entire country?

In all seriousness, no, Jonathan Erwin isn’t actually running for any office. The campaign is designed to bring light to the fact that most companies are disenfranchising employees by inadvertently leaving them out of the communications loop. Red e App is the only safe, private, mobile platform that solves this problem for all company employees. The silliness includes Secretary of Labor posters and images you can share on your social networks and an astonishing image of Jonathan with a bald eagle on his shoulder. See more at

Update: For more information, check out the write ups from Louisville Business FirstInsiderLouisville, and St. Louis Business Journal on the campaign. 

View the full press release here.

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