Red e App competes in the 55k Innovation in Education Attainment Competition

On Friday April 19th, Red e App was honored to make it to the final competition of the 55K Innovation in Education Attainment Competition.

Jonathan ErwinJonathan Erwin, CEO/Founder of Red e App presented how our product is truly an innovative mobile communication solution for any organization, especially an organization like 55k Degrees that has a goal of 55K post-secondary degrees by 2020 for the city of Louisville.

Patrick GoodmanPatrick Goodman then detailed how 55K Degrees could utilize Red e App for a very critical aspect for 55K Degrees to reach their goal by 2020. The critical aspect required to reach the goal for 2020 is mentorship of students. Every runner of a race knows the start of the race is easy – starting a post-secondary degree. The hard part is finishing, and finishing well. Red e App is the scalable mobile communication platform that would allow student mentors to communicate 1:1 or 1:Groups with students and by doing so, will cheer and encourage them to cross the 2020 finish line.

The winner of the competition will be announced on Tuesday, April 23.  We have our fingers crossed that 55k Degrees is Red e!

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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