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Red e App is cited as the mobile tool of choice by Texas Roadhouse in the  October issue of FSR Magazine (Full-Service Restaurants), Mass Messaging Employees. Texas Roadhouse uses Red e App to facilitate employee communications to field teams around the country about the company’s processes, local marketing campaigns, and customer service.

“We recognize the importance of providing consistent messaging to all of our staff, whether salary or hourly, and the need for our managers to be able to communicate in an effective and efficient manner,” says Dave Dodson, communications director of Texas Roadhouse, adding that its staff has smartphones, but very few have corporate email addresses.

Most restaurants don’t provide office space, desktop computer access, or company email addresses due to costs and turnover, which can affect how involved and engaged employees feel at a restaurant, says Jonathan Erwin, CEO of Red e App. “The lack of access leaves employees feeling disconnected,” he says. “By providing everyone access to information, employees are more engaged and able to provide better customer service.”

For Texas Roadhouse employees, using smartphones to communicate just makes sense: “A majority of our hourly employees are Millennials,” notes Dodson, “and their smartphone is never more than three feet from them.”

“Restaurant businesses have many cross-functional systems to keep the organization humming,” Dodson continues. “While many [communication] systems cater only to employees who have corporate email addresses, BYOD allows us to extend the reach and create efficiencies throughout our whole system—from HR, to store support, to marketing, training, crisis management, and so on.”

Red e Restaurant Use Case

Read the full article at Mass Messaging Employees.

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