Red e App Delivers World’s First Secure, Private Mobile Messaging Platform for Enterprises

Breakthrough Solution Enables Real-Time Mobile Messaging For Non Desk-Bound Employees

Red e App

Louisville, KY – The mobile communications revolution is in full swing, with more mobile devices on the planet than people, wholesale abandonment of landlines in favor of texting and mobile calls and more employees than ever before joining the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend at work. But business communication tools haven’t kept up, forcing managers to rely on old-school methods or attempt to leverage apps that weren’t designed for enterprise purposes – and taking on all the clutter and privacy concerns that involves. Red e App, a real-time mobile messaging platform for non-desk bound employees, aims to change that.

Red e App builds a bridge from the enterprise to its highly mobile workforce, establishing a channel that organizations can use to deliver actionable communication and content in real-time – securely and without all the clutter. With Red e App, enterprises can drive timely action and prioritize tasks, enabling greater efficiency and employee focus. Red e App improves data access and manager control, giving companies the ability to create multiple user lists, delegate notifications abilities beyond group SMS applications and generate real-time analytics and custom reports.

“By giving organizations a private mobile network that lets them reach employees, members and partners anytime, anywhere, Red e App saves time and money and ultimately gives enterprises a competitive edge,” said Jonathan Erwin, Red e App founder and CEO. “Red e App is more engaging, appealing directly to the mobile generation, and it enables brand new levels of coordination and collaboration. It’s a quantum leap forward in business communication.”

Erwin and his team originally conceived the idea that evolved into Red e App when looking for an app that would let them communicate with vendors while protecting their private mobile phone numbers. They were looking for a way to communicate with vendors on their own terms as customers about specific transactions without opening the door to unwanted communication and spam, a single app that could help them manage multiple business relationships instead of requiring them to download individual apps to talk to each company.

The app they were looking for didn’t exist, so they built it, creating a platform that let consumers communicate with multiple businesses via Red e IDs instead of disclosing private mobile phone numbers. Erwin started thinking about how businesses could benefit from the team’s new creation, and the Red e App concept was born, eventually evolving into the first private mobile messaging platform that lets organizations connect internal portals, inboxes and intranets to communicate with employees and broader teams via an engaging mobile app.

Tech sector investors have recognized the breakthrough nature of the platform: Red e App recently closed a funding round, taking in more than $750,000 in Series A capital to enhance product development, scale operations and grow the company’s client base in the healthcare, retail, restaurant, manufacturing and civic sectors. Red e App has built on its strong early success and continues to demonstrate how it can deliver value with a truly groundbreaking enterprise communication tool. To find out more about Red e App, please visit

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