Red e App honored to receive the Lucy Award from Family Scholar House

Our team was honored to receive the annual Lucy Award from Family Scholar House.

Family Scholar House Lucy Award Winner

Each year, Family Scholar House presents a Corporate and an Individual Lucy Award, named in honor of Dr. Lucy M. Freibert, to recognize community leaders with a commitment to gender equity and post-secondary education.

Cathe Dykstra, FSH Chief Possibility Officer and CEO, presented the award saying, “The great benefit of Red e App to Family Scholar House is that because 95% of our families have been victims of domestic violence, the information that staff members need to share could actually save a life. We salute Red e App as proof that a company can do well by doing good.”

Family Scholar House (FSH) is one of my favorite customers. They are just as passionate and dedicated to helping their participants succeed like we are about empowering organizations to connect and communicate with their workforce.

FSH is a non-profit and has been a customer for over 3 years. While they don’t have ‘employees’ and a non-desk workforce like our other customers, they have participants who are mostly single mothers pursuing a college education. FSH provides housing, food, childcare and other resources to help them get their degree.

FSH uses Red e App to send real-time communications to participants for weather alerts, tutoring schedules, security notifications and events.


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