Red e App is the right fit for Peltz Shoes internal communications needs

Blair-EdwardsPeltz Shoes are experts when it comes to communicating with their customers: they always make sure they find the perfect shoe and perfect fit for any occasion or need. When it came to communicating internally with employees though, Peltz found there was a disconnect.

Communicating with employees was difficult because most staff members do not have company email addresses. For instance, Peltz had no way to quickly recognize team members doing great work throughout the organization, though the company did utilize more traditional methods like mail, manager emails, and a company newsletter to share news.

Looking for a tool to help them connect with their staff members, they chose Red e App, which enabled them to digitally connect to their employees, dispensing with a large amount of paper-based communications, and bringing features from email, file sharing, instant messaging and analytics together in a single mobile app.

“Before we started with Red e App, we had been discussing different creative ways to keep the lines of communication open and ways to reach employees more personally and directly,” says Blair Edwards, Peltz Shoes’ director of sales and business development. “It’s funny that for such a small company we were still having communications issues.”

From past experience, “We’d found that communicating sales goals or new product information [only] with store managers was not necessarily getting [the information] to every employee,” she says. That can be a real challenge for employers with a part-time sales force, because many employees don’t work every day of the week or have set hours, making it difficult to rely on the workplace itself as communication hub.

Peltz management also views employee communication as an opportunity to strengthen ties or build morale: The thinking being that as a team’s culture grows stronger, employees will be more invested in the company’s success. With Red e App, Peltz hopes managers are more engaged thanks to daily messages that encourage and recognize employees for working extra hours, exceeding sales and receiving great customer feedback. (See screenshot for an example.)

To learn more about how Peltz Uses Red e App to encourage a dialogue with management, read more from National Retail Federation’s Stores Magazine – The Right Fit: Peltz Shoes deploys app to mass-message its workforce.

For more reading on how retail stores can benefit from Red e App, read a case study here. We are confident that we can benefit your company as much as we have benefited Peltz. Contact us and let us show you how.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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