Red e App is the WhatsApp equivalent for the enterprise

Mobile Messaging for the Non-desk Workforce
The tech world is buzzing with Facebook’s announcement to acquire WhatsApp for a remarkable $16 Billion. At publication, there were 66,300 Google news results. Being a mobile platform focused on employee communications, we have the perspective of the enterprise, and ask … What’s the equivalent of WhatsApp for the enterprise? How can enterprises take advantage of the behavior shift and interest in mobile messaging? The consumerization of the enterprise is picking up steam as the consumer and employee personas become more entwined. As individuals are exposed to efficient design and workflow as consumers, they expect the same aesthetically-pleasing interfaces and productivity at work. Organizations need to be thinking about how they can shift their communications to mobile. Especially organizations with a predominantly non-desk/hourly/frontline population.
  • Email has become a vast wasteland of numerous communications that are difficult to track and read.
  • Texting is unsecured and not generally used for activity-based situations that require scheduling.
  • Newsletters and other paper trails are costly to print and mail, cannot be tracked, and are not as immediate as electronic communications.
Of course, we can pull in how Red e App enables organizations the ability to communicate via mobile, now. Red e App has the potential to be the enterprise version of WhatsApp. Just as WhatsApp gives millions of users access to texting, especially for the international user, we give millions of employees access to messaging within an enterprise that never had an electronic connection before. Imagine the potential for engagement, training, compliance, customer service, quality, and retention. And the cost savings related to productivity, physical mail, printed flyers, and workflow improvements. The non-email worker is left out of electronic conversations, left out of being a part of the culture, and unable to have a voice. Existing peer to peer apps require corporate email authentication in order to gain access and be connected to corporate. With our Active Directory, Oracle, and similar Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) integrations, the non-desk worker seamlessly enters the connected conversation. Connect your hourly employees to Operations, HR and EHS

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

Companies using Red e App create meaningful connection with their entire workforce, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, improving employee retention, and driving profitability. Start a Free trial to see what it can do for you.

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