Red e App is now available in 12 languages

Do you remember T9 and Snake (also known as “the golden age of Nokia brick phones”)?

One of my favorite (harmless) pranks during that time was to grab a friend’s unattended cell phone, and change the system language.

It was always amusing to watch the phone’s owner struggle, as they had to figure out how to navigate through their phone’s settings in a foreign language back to English.

Now, if someone pulled the same prank on you today with your smartphone, would you be able to successfully change the language back?

If you ever got stuck in this scenario, have peace of mind that Red e App would work as if it were natively built in that language!

We are excited to announce that Red e App has been localized in 12 languages: English, Arabic, Canadian French, European French, German, Greek, Haitian, Hungarian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Turkish.

What exactly is “localization”?

I’m glad I asked! Red e App already supports international compatibilities, such as handling text sent in the user’s native language, as well as different date, time and number formats.

Localization means translating the static or visible text (such as the Red e App navigation menu and in-app instructions), and validating that elements such as images, graphics, and sounds are also compatible in these other languages.

Why did we localize Red e App?

As we continue to grow our global presence, we can now better support many of our international customers. For what it’s worth, I tried to petition our CEO to send me to all the countries we now support to “conduct user research” but sadly I was met with a polite “maybe next time” and a “get back to work”.

Don’t see the language you were hoping for listed above? Let us know and we can work with you!


Here’s a fun video we released for our first localization announcement of 8 languages …


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