Manufacturing customer increasing employee meeting attendance using Red e App

Manufacturing Team Meeting

Last week I visited one of our large manufacturing customers to review some of the great ways that Red e App is impacting their company.

This organization implemented Red e App less than six months ago, and they are already seeing dramatic results. First and foremost they have a 40% adoption rate across their 2,000+ production employees, and that number continues to grow daily as employees realize that Red e App makes their lives and jobs easier. New employees are downloading Red e App at their orientation sessions to immediately connect and stay in the loop on company news and announcements.

As they send approximately 2-5 broad notifications each week, this company is seeing a 71% read rate across all of their messages. By comparison, most internal communications emails generally have a read rate that is <5%, and they fail to reach hourly employees. This is the first time communications have been so broadly viewed, and the first time communications have been measurable for the hourly, non-desk workforce.

“Red e App has truly been a game-changer for us in terms of real-time communication with our employees!” – HR Leader

One way that this manufacturing company uses Red e App is to advertise meetings. Because of their ability to push out a message telling employees when and where the meetings will happen, their most recent Employee Assistance Program meetings had over 400 people in attendance. Previously, they estimated that the meetings would have had about 5 people attending each of 3 meetings.

To further illustrate this, the company shared that they recently had an unplanned meeting and sent out a Red e App message 20 minutes before the meeting. Previously, an impromptu meeting would not have been possible due to communication challenges, but because of the ability to notify employees through Red e App, they had a packed house.

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