Red e Health: Increase Personnel Efficiencies and Productivity

  • Use Case Scenario: A large medical institution seeks an engaging messaging system to notify its thousands of employees of mandatory training, credentialing, scheduling and compliance.
  • Solution: Red e App delivers actionable training and scheduling notifications via targeted mobile messaging.
  • Value: Increase in personnel efficiencies and productivity; timely completion of compliance mandates.

Red e App Health Care - Health Care Use Case and ScreenshotThe health care system includes five large hospitals, twelve immediate care centers, and more than 60 physicians practice locations. Regular trainings are required for compliance with standard HIPAA policies and procedures, as well as credentialing for nurses and medical personnel. Red e App provides a private messaging platform within the institution to deliver actionable compliance notifications and increases the timely completion of mandates and deadlines. Many communication methods are not appropriate or effective for compliance messaging and scheduling, in part because they do not offer ease-of-use or have inherent barriers to realistic regular use. The pager has become obsolete. Email has become a vast wasteland of numerous communications that are difficult to track and read. Texting is insecure and not generally used for activity-based situations that require scheduling. Newsletters and other paper trails in are costly, and not as immediate as electronic communications. While the mobile device has become the communications tool of choice, determining a layered approach to levels of priority continues to be problematic, based on privacy requirements and escalating clinical care requirements in each day. The medical institution utilized Red e App for its mandatory training, credentialing, scheduling and compliance notifications to prove that top-of-mind awareness improves registrations and participation in compliance training. The institution saw a 30% increase in the completion of mandates and deadlines due to the targeted mobile messaging campaign, simplifying communications regarding hospital safety and training. There is a new way to communicate in health care with our Red e App platform, maintaining privacy in the notifications and communications for compliance training. Red e App provides an inexpensive way to create community and directed communication within organizations in a SaaS model. As these engagement platforms gain traction within health care and interoperability between systems becomes more prevalent, Red e App adds value both internally as well as externally to patient communities.

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