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Red e App launched at the University of Louisville’s School of Medicine on Monday and it’s just the beginning. This launch marks an end to overflowing inboxes, unread emails and missed deadlines. The improved channels of communication between faculty and students is, in and of itself, something to get excited about.

A cancelled lecture is a blessing and a curse to a college student. Unexpected free time in a hectic day is priceless; learning of this priceless gift is ironically less welcomed when one is standing outside the dark and empty lecture hall reading the note attached to the door. The Blackboard email from the professor, sitting, unopened, in his/her inbox. Too little, too late.

This scenario is a commuter’s nightmare. A quick Red e App notification could have solved this problem before said student even jumped on I-65.

With Red e App’s capabilities, the School of Medicine can give a heads up for cancelled classes, mandatory speaking engagements, residency deadlines, even exam score postings- all in real time. No time is like the present when you would give your left arm to know if you passed your Pathology final.

The beauty of connecting all these people is that it’s done while protecting the privacy of every student, faculty member and administrator. No need to give your phone number to that guy who keeps looking at you sidewise when you walk to your seat, or that girl who used to date your roommate. A Red e ID is all it takes to connect one-to-one, to create a study group or to join your professor’s class group.

U of L’s commitment to its students is apparent with its utilization of Red e App. The University acknowledges each student’s busy schedule and is embracing new technology to make the Cardinal experience efficient and effective. The School of Medicine is a jumping off point and the possibilities are endless.

Amanda Roehrig
Red e App Apprentice

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