Reduce overtime with shift management

In most companies, having to fill an open shift starts like this:

  • Employee: “Manager, I need someone to fill my shift because (insert any reason).”
  • Manager: *calls 9 employees to find a sub*
  • All 9 employees:

  • Manager: *makes 10th phone call trying to fill this shift*
  • Finally, someone picks up and agrees to cover it.

The manager has wasted an hour calling employees. Associates are annoyed because their boss woke them up from a nap. And because of the last minute fire drill, the company may end up having to pay overtime to the manager or the hourly associate.

Here’s the good news: There is a better way.

With a platform like Red e App (shift management is just one of many ways Red e App can improve productivity), a manager can post open shifts and share directly with employees qualified to fill in. With one simple post, the manager has eliminated those first 9 phone calls (or the dreaded group text, gasp!) it previously took to fill a shift.

After the manager posts the open shift(s), employees can be notified that new shifts are available — ensuring that the shifts are filled as quickly as possible.

Advanced notice also brings advantages such as more time for employees to plan their work schedule. This allows more employees to take open shifts, reducing overtime costs by spreading the extra hours across more employees.

Want to streamline even further? (Who doesn’t?) Managers can get automated reports notifying them of employees who have picked up shifts or signed up for overtime. This eliminates manual tracking and creates accountability for no-call no-shows.

Say goodbye to phone calls. Say goodbye to walking all over the store/plant/restaurant asking employees to fill shifts. Say goodbye to employees switching shifts without any oversight or permission.

Red e App saves managers valuable time, reduces overtime costs and improves productivity. Better tracking also provides insight into overtime trends, which can help you make critical hiring decisions.

Better shift management = more production and less time wasted.

It’s a win-win-win-win-win.

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

Companies using Red e App create meaningful connection with their entire workforce, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, improving employee retention, and driving profitability. Start a Free trial to see what it can do for you.

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