Right time, right place, right idea

Launch day excitement! I’ll leave the personal photo/image of my early morning, shock and awe glamour shot to your imagination. After working on an all night pre launch activity schedule it’s not pretty, but it is fun starting a business! 😉 One part excitement, one part sleepy and one part just plain crazy! Anyway, I think we are Red e! Just a quick note to welcome everyone to the site and provide what I believe to be the most important points to our site and mission.

I often think of what Social Media, the term, is and what it means to me and how it relates to what we are trying to accomplish at Red e App. I think about it, and often, because it has proven to be wildly successful and at the same time wildly elusive in all respects to “business” – but why?

As I am not a power user by any means of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare etc. I still love, love, love, the principles for which they stand. Games/Fun, (I don’t want to grow up). Access, (I want to see and speak when I like, from wherever I like. Choice, (I control the content, privacy and timing of the things I am sharing). And finally, Partnership. (I am on equal footing with the people I am communicating with – meaning, we both have the same option of participating in the communication or not). It’s a human thing.

With most, not all, but most business communication methods, such as; direct mail delivered to my street mailbox, email to my “inbox”, phone calls to my home or mobile device and now text messaging – they simply lack the consumers participation and consent. We are here to let businesses know that your communication to your customer can be efficient and effective while still promoting Fun, Access, Choice and creating a quality Partnership. This is what makes Social Media so powerful and this is what will revolutionize business to consumer messaging.

This is the good part….Enter Red e App! With our introduction to the messaging landscape, we hope to bring the Fun, Access, Choice and Partnership back to business to consumer messaging. And believe me, for it to be efficient and effective it doesn’t have to be “all that!”. Simple is good, …no, simple is BEST.

  • Business: This is consumer engagement at its finest.
  • Consumer: Welcome to “Choice”!

With Social Media where it is today, Coupon craziness, (see: “The Tipping Point), and the pervasiveness of text and the desire and need for instant, real time information for our Mobile lifestyles…

Today is the right time, you are in the right place and Red e App is the right idea.


Jonathan Erwin

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