Share files with your hourly workforce – No email address required

Sharing files with friends and family is common today through several consumer applications. I’ve used a few in the past and in fact, that is exactly how I shared pictures with family after a recent vacation. Attaching 100+ pictures to an email isn’t viable, which is why the file sharing movement has caught on so quickly.

Sharing files with colleagues and co-workers happens everyday too. There are several options available for employees. BoxGoogle DriveSky Drive are a few of the leading options for companies seeking a way to provide cloud access to work files for employees – specifically employees with a corporate email address.

What do both the consumer and employee file sharing apps have in common? Email address authentication.

Introducing Red e FilesA person’s email address is how you invite others to join a shared folder and it’s how you can kick someone out or be kicked out. File sharing via a personal email address is great for friends and family and even in a small company where managing less than 10 email addresses is doable for the operations or IT manager.

What if you are the CTO or IT manager and want a secure way to share Employee Handbooks, Training Guides, or Health Insurance Renewal Information to hourly and remote workers? How would you do that if you have 100s or 1,000s (even more in larger enterprise companies) that do not have a company email address? Managing hundreds and thousands of personal email addresses for a transient workforce isn’t a great solution. We know. We asked our clients and customers, which is why we are very happy to share that Red e App now supports viewable files in the app.

By using Red e App for both secure communication and now file sharing, your company no longer has to print thousands of employee handbooks for hourly and remote workers, pay postage, mail AND then hope all the employees actually receive the handbook. And you know what is often said, “As soon as you print it something will change.” Well, with Red e Files, all you have to do is upload a new document in the client portal and distribute it to those employees who are securely authenticated into your private network.

Want to learn more about Red e Files and how connecting and communicating with ALL employees shortens decision cycles and creates a more informed workforce? Here’s the first step.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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