Smart phone proliferation means messaging apps, like Red e App, must innovate communications

A recent article in Technology Review, published by MIT, points to smart phones spreading faster than any technology in human history. This has meant that the year of mobile applications, and especially, mobile applications as a platform, continue to deliver on new and different style of communications. Red e App has begun to hear from health care and academic institutions that new ways of communicating with all kinds of audiences are warranted, from the students to special employee populations, to patients and professors.

The proliferation of the smart phone, particularly the iPhone, is moving at a rate unprecedented for historical adoption, therefore, individuals and companies are looking at what engagement is necessary for message delivery in the moment. Market saturation of the smart phone is not yet achieved, but significant steps have been achieved – smart phones were already at 40% of the maturity threshold in 2011, according to Technology Review. The International Telecommunications Union reported recently that of the world’s six billion mobile phone subscriptions, 73 percent are now in the developing world where corporations transact the majority of their business interests.

In the first quarter of this year, more than 20% of shipments of mobile phones were smart phones. Red e App is poised to serve enterprises in the US and beyond with technology that crosses key global target audiences, particularly in light of health care reform in the United States, as well as a growing adult population seeking education while still in the workforce. 

Between 2010 and 2011 the global installed base of app consumers increased by 104%, according to Research2Guidance, which follows mobile applications growth. At Red e App, the focus will go to watching the tablet user population which is expected to see a huge jump by year end. Tablet  users are expected to leap forward with more than 150% new players in the US alone by 2013.

According to a new report from Nielsen, all types of individuals care about mobile applications—at work, at home, and for leisure pursuits. About 39 minutes a day is average.

Why not look to Red e App as an answer to messaging your key circles of influence? 

Dawn Yankeelov
President of Aspectx, on behalf of Red e App

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