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At Red e App, we not only provide Software as a Service (SaaS), but also Software with a Service (SwaS).

Software buyers ask themselves, “How will we get our employees to use this piece of software?”

Red e App Onboarding Methodology

That question isn’t new. In fact, there is a term that has lingered in organizations for less than optimal tech adoption – it’s call “shelfware.”

What is shelfware? It’s a piece of software that was purchased by a company and over a period of time, sees less and less use by employees. As a result, the software is sentenced to sit on some random bookshelf in the IT department and to never again be used.

And, even though most software products today don’t come shipped in boxes and thus face the possibility of ending up on the bookshelf of no return, the problem can still remain, even for Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile-based applications.

Our clients ask, “How will we get our employees to use Red e App?”

The problem of “shelfware” is less about the tech itself and more about the lack of proper on-boarding, comprehensive education, and gathering employee feedback during the rollout phase.

Red e App’s Software with a Service includes a dedicated Client Success Manager to help your organization utilize both the administrative and mobile tools of Red e App, including:

  • Implementation, education, and adoption strategies
  • Training for administrators
  • Onboarding documents and resources
  • Feedback and progress reports
  • Communication best practices
  • Technical support for administrators and employees

A successful technology implementation is much more than a technical challenge – it’s a culture and communications challenge for all employees impacted by the new tool and processes. Our Client Success Team follows a proven onboarding process to ensure your success as you work to improve employee communications.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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