Streamlining workflow communications for the North Pole

We’re just days away from Christmas. It’s a time of hustle and bustle, chestnuts roasting, things a’ toasting and everything else that Christmas songs remind us of. But do you know who’s busier than all of us? That’s right – no one is busier than Santa Claus.

But Santa is not alone! Santa’s elves are really busy too, and without the elves, Christmas would never happen.

Like many production workers, Santa’s elves are typically under-appreciated during this time of year. From toy making to worldwide logistic efforts, the amount of labor these little guys clock in is pretty amazing.

After last Christmas, Santa reached out to Red e App and told us that meeting production and delivery deadlines last Christmas Eve was simply too close for comfort. “The Elves were frantic trying to complete all the toys. I was so afraid the little boys and girls wouldn’t get their toys on time,” Santa told us.

It was time for better communication. Santa heard about Red e App and how we could enable better communication across the globe and utilize targeted messaging for specific groups of elves. He also wanted a place to store valuable information that the elves could reference at anytime.

With Red e App, Santa has a quick, reliable way to send messages to the elves’ Snowflake sPhone 7’s. He can finally be sure that they are getting immediate operational updates and notifications to ensure inventory completion.

As we quickly approach Christmas 2016, the analytics are outstanding, and better communication is transforming the North Pole! We helped Santa organize groups to communicate with each work group including wooden toys, electronics, sleigh operations, and reindeer maintenance.

Santa knows that the elves are reading their messages (thanks to read rates and time stamps), inventory deadlines have all been met (they’re ahead of schedule thanks to real-time notifications). Santa has confirmed through streamlined communication to specific groups that every child will get the right toy on the big night.

Santa can rest assured that the work will be done on time and up to North Pole standards.

“Christmas is so important to so many children and I would be so sad if they didn’t get the gifts they deserve for being good little boys and girls.”

Santa, we couldn’t agree more, and we hope you have a safe journey this year. Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, do you think you could get us a few of those Snowflake sPhone 7’s?

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