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Red e App was created to connect the non-desk worker with their employer. In most cases, non-desk employees don’t have access to corporate email or traditional channels for support. When employees have issues or questions using Red e App, they call us.

On a daily basis, we hear about companies that go above and beyond with their customers:  Amazon, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Zappos and more. Here at Red e App, we offer the same quality of support as these larger corporations, but with a grassroots feel; we’re not your typical support staff.

Built from scratch, we’re a team who takes pride in helping people, loves tech, has a knack for problem solving and comes with years of experience in customer service.

Can you imagine being an HR or Communications manager and adding the burden of supporting hundreds or thousands of Red e App users to your daily work? Think of the HOURS you’d spend involved in that process. Red e App offers apps for iPhone, Android and a web-based version so you can imagine the variety of questions and issues that potentially arise.

Red e App takes this burden out of your hands by providing full service support to you and your employees. Many of our common support interactions are assisting with unknown credentials, password resets and functionality of the app itself.

What about a bug that might not only be affecting you, but maybe hundreds of other users? While we strive for perfection, bugs are an inevitable part of software development, and you must have a process and direct lines of communication so these problems are addressed and fixed immediately. Ultimately, our goal is to take this burden off of you, our customer, and allow your employees to get the help they need more quickly and effectively.

To give you an in-depth idea of what our support interactions look like, let’s take a look at one of our customers, Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel & Casino.

Hard Rock is a 24/7 resort gaming facility in Florida with thousands of non-desk workers. Hard Rock employees had a total of 121 interactions with our support team for the month of March, a 31 day period. In these 121 interactions, there were 77 emails, 43 phone calls, and 1 chat through our website.

One support interaction can make or break your relationship with employees, so we strive to resolve all issues within the first interaction. We want your employees to have a great experience using Red e App, and resolving issues quickly is so critical to ensure a positive experience. If we are not able to instantly resolve an issue, employees are contacted a minimum of 2 times within a 96 hour period.

When employees have a positive experience with our support team, they are much more likely to seek support in the future. Customers are twice as likely to tell others about a bad experience, so we do our best to turn issues into a positive experience through outstanding support.

If you are currently experiencing any issues or have questions about Red e App, please give us a call (855-733-3277), we want to help you be ‘red e’.

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

Companies using Red e App create meaningful connection with their entire workforce, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, improving employee retention, and driving profitability. Start a Free trial to see what it can do for you.

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