The art of the pivot, part 2

In my previous pivot blog we talked about the “pivot” and how you know when the time is right. We talked about engaging prospects and the power of applying listening to decisions. The second part is all about Team. 

Team is my favorite subject. As I look back on year one, I think we followed the scent of the media and its interpretation of what was happening in tech at the consumers mobile device and began barreling down our path to service messaging. Not a terrible idea, just not seated in the confines of good usability or adoption data. Everyone was funding and addressing the mass consumer market, a la companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

When we built our mobile platform we all knew exactly where we were heading and the whole Red e App team joined in for the ride for a number of reasons, some out of work, some looking to expand their skill set, an expectant mother etc. (That’s right, Marissa Mayer you weren’t the first!). So everyone comes to the team from a different place but unified in our efforts.  But when you start considering a shift, you must look to your team for execution.  And in our case, when we looked carefully at the group we had we realized how well positioned we were to make a change. 

I have with me a theologian and philosopher, a communications specialist to Fortune 500 companies, and a writer and Enterprise Engineer/Developer from the Air Force who worked on NASA projects (yes, a rocket scientist!), and me an enterprise sales and marketing guy for 20 years, and a tremendous and committed supporting cast of folks. It was a natural for us to gravitate to larger enterprises with complex workflow, adoption and buying processes. 

It wasn’t so much about the team’s background that helped but their patience and resiliency when we made the change (which was literally like flipping a light switch). The decision was immediately met with: how do we move forward vs. looking back on money we spent, materials we had written, thousands of lines of code developed, late nights, blah, blah, blah – all scrapped in an instant for the good of the team and business. It is then you know you have assembled the right players to elevate our plan to new heights. They were Red e!

Jonathan Erwin
Founder and CEO

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